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This is ’Energy Evolution’ - A free program created by Divadi in order to help you raise your energy and vibration to live 2020 feeling #ignited and alive.

Each month we expand on one theme that loosely follows the Color and Chakra Energies to help you become the highest version of yourself. We share conscious content and mindful meditations on our website and host giveaways on our Instagram offering products and services that celebrate and support your high-vibe journey.


January was the month of Balancing; getting clear on what we want, what is no longer serving, and finding out where we want to go and how we want to feel. February was about tapping into your Passion, to tune into what lights you up and makes you feel alive. March was getting clear on what seeds of Intention you want to plant and cultivate. April was tuning into the resource of your Self Power to help actualize all the work you've done so far. May is about spending your time nurturing - watering your seeds, daily attendance to your dreams. And June is now about adding the most important ingredient that creates magic in your life : Love.

Color: Green / Chakra: Heart / Essential Oil: Rose / Action: Express Love

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