Lace-up Shoe

Achiever energy. From goal-setting to moulding your own key to success, – only the spark of passion for your dreams can keep you going. Our dreams have colors rose and gold; they are shades of the setting sun, blushing cheeks, golden glitter and sparks of festive lights. What are your dreams made of? Walk in the Manifest shoes to see your path most clearly, as this light will never go out.

EARLY ADOPTER PRICE $110.00 $79.00


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  • 100% vegan materials, natural fibers, locally raised rubber in Vietnam.

  • Divadi Chi insoles stimulate the energy flow through the power of color and symbols.

  • The Flower of Life is an ancient energizing and healing symbol printed at the K1 Acupressure point to tap into your vital life force.

  • For each pair sold we plant a tree in Vietnam, our home of production to reduce our literal footprint.

  • Shoes are produced in fair facilities & in limited editions to promote slow fashion values and conscious consumption.