Lace up shoe
These two cool sports are designed to take you places you’ll never forget. Play with the city map, take on new routes, discover the world, explore yourself! When you keep going, the world keeps turning. When you shine from within, the whole world is shining with you. This is the chain reaction of happiness that you create and magic that you give birth to.
There are no magic wands, but there are magic shoes for sure, everything is waiting to be under your spell!
Size 40 isn’t available now.

EARLY ADOPTER PRICE $110.00 $79.00


Size (Size Chart)


  • Feet Support: DivadiChi Energy Insoles : Unique Energy Insoles that activate vital life force through color and symbol reflexology
  • Body Support: Our 7 day Energy Makeover helps you understand how to align your energy to align your life
  • Mind Support: Our Free Energy Tools on website helps get your mind, body and spirit aligned
  • Planet Support: 100% vegan product, natural fibers, locally raised rubber
    We plant a tree for each pair sold in Vietnam, our home of production to reduce our literal footprint
    We produce conscious, thoughtful products made in fair facilities
  • Spirit Support: Our Divadi Philosophy: The gig of life is to go after that which calls you. We support you with shoes and ideas to take you there.

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