Night sky inspires magic

Here are 7 simple ways to raise your energy, inspire your spirit, release stress and manifest your desires into the new chapter starting at midnight.

As the most magical time of the year is drawing closer, it’s the perfect time to lay the groundwork for miracles you want to happen in 2018. In just a couple of days you can easily create a space inside that will attract things you wish for, and you’ll be definitely feeling better, deeply enjoying the sweet expectation of a wonder.

Let’s start with a little ritual to channel loving energy inside and outwards into the world. Take some time to ponder over the love you have in your life. First of all focus on the good things happened to you this year, any good news, happy accidents and improvements. Sit in a quiet place, close your eyes and breathe in love and gratitude for even the smallest things that have brought joy to your life. Now visualize your loved ones and send them a hug, or go and really do that if they’re around. Stay with this warm feeling and an open heart, this is an exceptionally powerful energy for meeting the new year and manifesting your wishes, because love equals miracles.

To empower your skills to manifest reconnect with your wild nature that draws power from the moon and the sun and universal vibrations that pierce every cell of your body every minute of your life. Walk outside and meet silents trees, and in the night welcome the stars that are shining from billions of years ago. Then look inside and find their reflection in your soul. Whenever you are about to get lost in the everyday hustle, breathe deep and remember that you’re nothing else than a pool of the cosmic dust in the human form.

As you walk, visualize your feet having roots in the ground. With every step the energy of mother earth flows into you, thus transmitting a sense of belonging in this world. The more often you practice this, the stronger you self-awareness gets so you can keep the balance inside. Your intuition will grow and your energy will clear up for the intentions to turn into reality in a natural way.

This step is about inviting new things into your life by clearing the room from the old dust. Get rid of things you don’t use, ones that don’t bring you joy, that are broken and simply unnecessary. Investigate your clothes, accessories and dark corners of the drawers. Not only taking out even a small box of trash is totally satisfying, but also it affects your energy in a positive way. After that, as soon as you start dreaming, you’ll probably notice that it feels differently, thoughts and visions flow easily and your heart starts believing that everything is possible.

Yet another way to bring more order to your inner space is addressing things you’ve been postponing, including forgotten promises and tasks. Surely, we all have that long list of really small deeds we never get around to, and if you complete even half of them now, as a result you’ll be very much emotionally rewarded. Subconsciously, much stress will fade away, and you’ll be encouraged to more achievements. When you get down to sketching your plans for the future, this will be a super foundation for the magic work of realizing your bigger plans.

This ritual is also for a cleanup, but a mental one. Let’s leave the emotional baggage in the past by accepting and releasing all that’s been clogging up the happy vibes. Grudges and unresolved conflicts sure tend to weigh on our soul and affect the psychological state, whereas letting go of that burden is liberating and empowering. To forgive doesn’t mean to forget, rather it means freeing yourself from pain and emotional engagement. Be thankful for the lessons taught, and keep going. We don’t need that kind negativity in the new year.

Moving on, now it’s the turn of your body and mind to relax and indulge in pleasures. Let yourself for once go over-the-top and do everything you desire or have been longing to try. Choose a day to celebrate yourself and enjoy it thoroughly with no guilt over wasting time or money. This will not only raise your energy, but also boost your self-esteem, and purify your spirit before the last ritual.

Now that your body, mind, and spirit have warmed up and your energy is moving, let’s start the dream work. The turn of the year is just asking for drawing a balance and planning ahead. Make a list of all the things you want to see in your life in the next year. What people, things, emotions, places, books, sounds, colors, and taste will surround you? Visualize intensively until you’ve seen every detail and sensed their presence in real time. Turn your ideas into a mood board and then into a step by step plan of what needs to be done for your dreams to happen.

You need visualization as a fuel to get going. You need to meditate and practice grounding to know that the nature of reality is absolutely flexible to your needs. If you passionately desire something, you will get it. It may happen while you wait, but 90% of the time you are pretty much responsible for creating that dream life. The universe seems to be very supportive of those who know it, though.

Moodboard with Divadi shoes to manifest new goals

Divadi moodboard

The time from Chrismas to New Year is pulsing with the energy of life and creation. From the holy birth and ancient shamanic rituals to an intuitive premonition of a big change at the turn of the calendar page – people have always had high hopes for the start of the new year. Use this energy for your own magic and take our advice as an inspiration to explore and walk toward that which ignites your inner fire. Because your dreams are waiting for you.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, have a good one!