Plant in the morning light

Enjoy these refreshing tips to jump-start your energy for the whole day. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months of this daily morning routine turn into a balanced life of joy and mindfulness, with you feeling healthy and ignited, shining your brightest. 


In some Zen monasteries, monks have to start each morning laughing. Try it! It is ridiculous but beautiful and infinitely rewarding. Once you’re awake, stretch your body, smile, and try to laugh. Begin with artificial sounds, soon the mere attempt will start you off. It will be almost impossible, but in several days it’ll happen easy.

Laughter is perfect to release tension and stress; it nurtures self-esteem, creates a sense of euphoria and resistance to anxiety, and gets you high on dopamine leaving you light as a feather soaring above useless seriousness of this absurd and funny world. Be drunk with laughter and there will be absolutely nothing that can affect you today, tomorrow or ever.


Mornings should be stressless and inspiring. Take a little time between sleeping and waking state to tune in to the goodness of this moment cuddled in pleasant visions of what you want this day to bring. Don’t go on the internet right away, stay in your sensations, not yet affected by the outer world. Welcome each day with gratitude and grace – after all, every morning may be a beginning of something beautiful.


After you wake up, stay in the bed on your back with the eyes closed. Breathing in, visualize light pouring on you, entering your body through your head, going through, and leaving your body through the toes. When you breathe out, visualize darkness entering through your toes, coming up, and leaving through your head. Breathe slowly, not rushing the flow in and out. The golden light will cleanse your whole body and make it absolutely full of creativity. The deep dark riverlike flow – the energy of the earth – will soothe you and make you receptive. Inhale, let in golden light. Exhale, let in darkness. Do it for 20 minutes. You will feel fresh, active, clean, and ready to face a wonderful new day.


It’s early, sleepy and dark, the bed is too cozy, and your hand is inevitably hitting the snooze button? Wait for a second instead and reach to the curtains to let the sunshine in. If, sadly, there is none, just turn on the light in the room. The light will give your brain a signal to switch to the waking mode. Next step is a contrast shower (hot one will just put you back to sleep). Undergo several moments of warm water changing to cold, then hot, then cold again. We promise this daily practice works better than an alarm clock!


Nothing says to the brain it’s time to shake off the dream state as a physical exercise. Do yoga, stretch, dance for five minutes. If you have an opportunity, exercise outside – walking to your office or an appointment also counts. Nature and fresh air are the best things that your body and mind can get in the morning. Walking will ground, refresh and awake you, your lungs will be filled with oxygen, your cheeks will get a healthy blush, and your eyes a lively spark. And if you listen to some nice music on the way, well, soon mornings will be your favorite time of day.


It’s not about aiming for a Ph.D., but a brain needs as much workout as a body to just function normally in the everyday life. Morning is a perfect time to train cognitive muscles because then you have the whole day of being awesome. Apart from lots of apps to choose from, you can also try solving a nice old-fashioned sudoku or a crossword, do the mental calculation, learn a verse or telephone numbers of friends or think about new ways of using usual objects you see before your eyes – which you can do anywhere. This activity works wonders energizing your brain and is good not only for logical thinking but for creativity as well.


We all have that sweet expectation of a coming weekend, as opposed to Mondays, for example. Well, who says fun should stop there? Think of a highlight of your coming day, something you’ll be looking forward to while going to sleep the night before. Whether it is a delicious breakfast, a refreshing walk under the sun, wearing a new pair of shoes, meeting with a friend before or after the work, it will brighten your mood when you wake up and motivate you to get up and enjoy the day.

Mornings can be quite nice if you can make them work for you. For those who suffer from morning intolerance, we hope you have found some salvation and would be happy to hear what helps you best to wake up.

Cheers and love,


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