Planting a tree for each pair of our vegan shoes sold reflects our belief
that everything is connected, that we are all a part of life, intertwined with each other,
and that all life force is affected by our individual actions and energy.

Earth is a place we all call home,
a shared resource we are passionate about keeping vibrant, clean and alive,
supporting generations to come.
Humanity is the collective group we all belong to,
and we were raised to treat everyone respectfully, kindly, generously and fairly.

These beliefs are the life force that energize
our daily interactions with people and the planet,
creating a supportive foundation for us to stand upon,
so we can all walk together in the direction
of our collective dreams.

Thank you to for enabling us to rejuvenate the planet with our actions.



Your energy to live an abundant life
comes from being in harmony with yourself
and the universe, doing what you love,
and exploring more of this world.
DIVADI is your inspiration and support
to walk toward that, which stirs you.
There is a spark in you that can
illuminate the world,
and the world needs your light!

You so got this.

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