Plant in the morning light

Enjoy these refreshing tips to jump-start your energy for the whole day. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months of this daily morning routine turn into a balanced life of joy and mindfulness, with you feeling healthy and ignited, shining your brightest.  650

We can’t take for granted the gifts of nature and civilization we’ve got accustomed to, like unlimited supply of water and food, clear air, electricity, easy transportation, etc. Our mission now is to live in awareness and care – for the balance in ourselves and the world. For that, here are some easy tips on how to be an eco-friendly hero and save the future.


Night sky inspires magic

Here are 7 simple ways to raise your energy, inspire your spirit, release stress and manifest your desires into the new chapter starting at midnight.


Sustainability of production is a goal which supports our ethical mode of living. A little but meaningful help for our planet is giving back to the nature of Vietnam, a beautiful country that gives us rich resources for creating quality plant-based products in limited collections.



Your energy to live an abundant life
comes from being in harmony with yourself
and the universe, doing what you love,
and exploring more of this world.
DIVADI is your inspiration and support
to walk toward that, which stirs you.
There is a spark in you that can
illuminate the world,
and the world needs your light!

You so got this.

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