We believe our role here in this lifetime is to find what ignites ourselves and follow this path.
This is where the magic of life is. Our path just happens to be this very brand you are now reading about.
DIVADI radiates multiple passions, a striking combination of eveything loved, integrated into one dream
that now involves you.

In Vietnamese, di va di means go and go. To keep going is a message that is enveloped in each product
designed with love and inspiration. We want to be a reminder for you – life travelers, urban explorers,
free souls – to never stop, to go forward, and create the reality you wish for.
DIVADI is a global citizen: it was born in Vietnam, adopted and nurtured by California sunshine,
and raised in the city of Vienna. DIVADI is always on the road, always between cultures and traditions,
observing the world and absorbing the universal values that matter most.
This boiling amalgam of Western and Eastern philosophies is what drives us to make more than just fashion items,
but rather share the wisdom of living a life you love.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. We look forward to sharing the sparks that create the light.
Because the world needs your light.